Bohemian Orchids 5-Piece Wedding Invitation Suite

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The invitation set is printed on 100% recycled 110# paper. 

The Bohemian Orchids wedding invitations feature beautiful tones of reds, browns, and beiges. The wedding invitation card speaks for itself with a bright red orchid florals frame encompassing all of the text. The response card has a tan background with a small red orchid included in the center of the card. The details card has a white background with an orchid and bohemian botanical bouquet along the side. White envelopes are included and the outer guest envelope has a bright red liner with tan and beige botanical bouquets scattered throguhout. If you select envelope addressing, your envelopes will have your guests' addresses and your return address printed on them in a matching font used in the invitation set. 

What happens after I order?
Once your order comes through, I will email you within 24 hours with a link to a questionnaire. This questionnaire will give me all of the information I need to know about your wedding day. Once I have this form completed from you, I will begin working on your invitation suite. When ready, I will email you a digital proof in the form of a questionnaire. You will complete this questionnaire and leave any change requests. I will make necessary edits and we will continue this process until your invitations are the exact way you'd like them! Once you are happy with the design and approve of them being sent to print, they will take approximately 7-10 days to print and return back to me. Once I have them, I will print your addresses and get everything packaged up for you! Please note: your invitations will arrive to you UNASSEMBLED. This means that all elements will be in separate plastic sleeves and you will need to assemble each invitation suite with an invitation card, details card, rsvp card, and envelopes. I do provide you with postage and assembly instructions for your convenience.

Extra embellishments such as wax seals, venue illustrations, vellum wraps, etc. can be added on to any suite. You can shop and browse our extra add-ons HERE.

What can be customized?

For no additional charge...
- All wording on any of the cards

For additional charge...
- Colors of the designs/fonts
- Adding additional cards (another details card, etc.)
What cannot be customized?
- Design elements
- Layout of the design (some layouts will be adjusted depending on the amount of text needed to be included on a card)